Posted on: Jul 22, 2012 12:31:35 PM

When buying a franchise, and after you have done all your homework in preparation of making the purchase, the last thing that helps to define an accurate decision is looking at the franchise in both their willingness and readiness to assist you, and looking at the successes of their business.

Let us look at criteria that can show you that a franchise is successful:

Credibility - In order to sell a franchise, a company needs to show credibility in the eyes of its prospective franchisees. Cruise Planners/American Express demonstrates their success by the Brand, size of the franchise, how many years it has been in business, their publicity, consumer awareness of the Brand, and the strength of the entire management.

Differentiation – The cruise industry differs in product, sales, benefits, and low-startup fees to own a franchise. The overhead is also low since you can run an at-home business in the cruise industry.

Knowledge – Cruise Planners/American Express can teach you the cruise industry business at Cruise Planners University, where you gain the most knowledge for running your business from start-up and then continued support after you attend the university all from the top experts and owners in the business.

Adaptability – Cruise Planners/American Express works because it has had years of building up the franchise successfully. This type of industry thrives because of the product…people from all ages and lifestyles like to travel and see the world. It is somewhat easy to sell a product that people want over, and over again such as travel…and for a reasonable fee.

Documented Systems – All successful businesses have systems. Again, Cruise Planners/American Express not only documents their systems for you, but also teaches you how to use the system forms, teach their systems, policies, and procedures, and even cover computer-based programs all through the university.

Affordability - The low cost investment to become a Cruise Planner/American Express Franchisor provide the incentive you need to get into the business. For $9,999.00, you can invest without fear of losing your investment.

Commitment to Relationships - Long-term relationships are built through Cruise Planners/American Express. After the purchase, you are not left to your own devices to make your franchise a success, you are consistently networking, marketing, and learning through the experts in the business who will help you achieve success.

Strength of Management – Finally, the strength of the management speaks for itself. You can check out this website and Google other background information on the industry and its leaders. You will find that you are on the right path toward success because you have the very best experts behind you.