Why Married Couples Thrive as Business Partners

Posted on: March 15, 2018 at 4:18 PM

Looking for the Right Partner to Go into Business With? Consider Your Spouse

Many people say in order to have a successful business you need to be able to discern specific character traits about someone you may consider for a business partner. Once you have the perfect partner, these traits combined with your own should grow all of your business endeavors together.

At Cruise Planners®, part of our mission is to provide the right technology & marketing tools to create high-touch travel service experiences for clients on behalf of our travel franchise owners. Through exemplary leadership and the accolades to prove it, Cruise Planners® uses this strategy. Many travel agents have as well and have decided to go into business…with their significant others.

"What better person to scrutinize for a travel partnership than your own spouse," said Michelle Fee, CEO of Cruise Planners. "Many of our travel agents have taken advantage of this because they find complimentary character traits for a business partner in their life partner."

Some start together, others train together with one partner taking the lead on growing the business with the goal of fully transitioning in the coming years.

According to an article from Business Insider and a "sermon" Warren Buffet gave to MBA students at the University of Florida, he looks for "intelligence," "energy," and "integrity" when hiring someone to work for him. "And if they don't have the latter, the first two will kill you."

From inspiration of Buffet's idea, if your spouse brings high energy, high intelligence and high integrity to all parts of your life, your quality of work together will always align with high-touch efforts when working with your clients. Here, we explain to you why it works:

High Energy -

In a relationship, most of the time opposites attract, or at the very least, couples tend to balance each other where they are weakest. This is perfect in running a joint travel franchise world because they can equally hold each other accountable for different roles in handling the day-to-day tasks a travel business entails. One partner may bring high energy to the franchise, this person is the face of the company and focuses on selling to clients while the other handles behind-the-scenes operations such as technology and collecting payments. A couple can be the perfect yin-yang dynamic in business.



High Intelligence -

In any partnership, romantic or otherwise, each person brings in a set of unique skills or expertise. It's helpful to have a partner's second opinion on a major project or someone to approach problem-solving from a fresh perspective. In a marriage, you tend to respect your partner's opinions and that can formulate a synergy as you work together to run your travel agent business. Your partner can encourage you to meet your goals and turn challenging tasks into rewarding, travel business opportunities. They can remind you why you've committed to a business together… and a marriage.



High Integrity -

The most important factor in operating any business partnership or running a multitude of franchises for sale is that you trust one another in your ventures and also, admire each other's character. Having this synchronicity allows you to trust your partner can operate business effectively if you're taking a sick day. This is proven to work time and time again because spouses become a team, in work-life or at home, which also makes work seem more enjoyable.

Cruise Planners® has a multitude of travel agents whom are successfully married and have thriving businesses. It is important to note not all partnerships will make the perfect duo for running a successful business–even if it is one of the most profitable franchises–and that's OK. Some may choose to go into business with their best friend and some may find they work better on their own terms. The best thing about the Cruise Planners® travel franchise model is that its designed for you to succeed, no matter what that may look like.

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