How To Travel More: The Perks of Being a Travel Agent

Posted on: April 17, 2019 at 6:12 PM

“Oh, maybe next year I’ll be able to take that trip.”
“I’ll have more time to travel later in life.”
“I can’t afford that vacation right now.”
Sound familiar? We all have excuses why we don’t travel as much as we’d like, whether it’s for financial reasons or we just don’t have time. But what if traveling was more accessible, more affordable, didn’t require a time off request and was even encouraged as part of your job? Would you travel more then?

Welcome to the world of the home-based travel advisor, where if you’re not traveling, you’re not doing it right! Take a peek into the life of a home-based travel agent and see why they have no excuses not to travel.

1. Travel more affordably (or even for free!)

One common excuse for not traveling is that it is too costly. Travel agents, though, get access to deep discounts and even free trips to make traveling far more affordable.

Travel suppliers and operators want travel agents to experience their products, so they can better sell them to their customers. That’s why many cruise lines, resorts and tour operators offer familiarization (or FAM) trips. These are free or deeply discounted trips offered exclusively to travel agents (and sometimes their guests) so they can experience a product or destination firsthand. At Cruise Planners, we teach our agents how to utilize these travel agent perks so they can vacation more.

Additionally, many travel suppliers also offer unpublished, discounted rates available exclusively for travel agents. As a member of the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA) or Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), you can unlock deep discounts on

  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Cruises
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Airfare
  • And more!

As a Cruise Planners franchise owner, you’ll get training on how to access these rates.

In many cases, a travel advisor can also earn commissions for booking your own trips. That means you get a discount up front and then get paid once you take the trip. That’s some double-dipping we can get behind!

2. Work from ANYWHERE in the world

We get it. You’re busy! And it can be hard to get away from work. But what if your office could be the beach rather than a cubicle? Cruise Planners home-based travel agents have the most robust technology in the industry, and it’s completely mobile friendly. That means you can run your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, including while traveling. So, while others are stuck in a conference room slogging through a budget proposal meeting, Cruise Planners travel agents are booking a client’s trip while sipping a Mai Tai on the beach or taking a lunch break at the Eiffel Tower. You make your own schedule and you work on your own time.

Val Dorsey, a Cruise Planners travel advisor of over eight years, has traveled all around Europe while running a successful business. Dorsey appreciates the flexibility of being a home-based travel agent.

“I’ve been so many different places around the world since I started this job, all while still taking care of my customers while not in the country”
-Val Dorsey, Cruise Planners Franchise Owner

3. Traveling is considered work

If you were buying a new camera, wouldn’t you want to buy it from someone who actually knew how to use a camera—someone with hands-on experience as a photographer who knew the ins-and-outs of different models and could tell you which ones were better for different applications and skill levels? The same goes for buying travel. You would have a lot more confidence planning a trip with someone who had visited the places you were considering and could provide recommendations based on actual experience.

That’s why it’s so important for travel agents to get out there and travel! The more knowledge and first-hand experience a travel advisor has with different destinations and travel suppliers, the better they can help their clients plan the perfect trip. Getting paid for your passion is one of the ultimate perks of being a travel agent.

With other jobs, your travel is going to a business meeting in Topeka. As a travel agent, you get to travel the world for pleasure, and it counts as work!

4. No more time-off requests

When you only get two weeks off a year, it can be hard to find the time to take a great vacation. However, Cruise Planners travel advisors are their own bosses. They never have to submit time-off requests or get approval from a supervisor. If they want to spontaneously jump on a two-night cruise or take a three-week trip through Europe, they can—no questions asked! Being your own boss is one of the best travel agent perks for those who prefer to vacation at their leisure with no limitations!

Travel More as a Cruise Planners Travel Advisor

You love to travel. Why not follow that passion and start seeing the world? As a Cruise Planners home-based travel advisor, not only will you get to help clients plan amazing trips, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to take trips of your own.

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