Posted on: Jul 27, 2014 3:33:56 PM

The word GUIDE can be applied to small business

Did you know the word GUIDE can be applied to small business? Several global companies in many industries use this word as a model to drive sales and performance in companies.


Goal Setting
• In the Cruise Industry, what are your goals to initiate new sales this week?
• What tools will you use to make this happen?
• How many “closes” do you anticipate having?

Uncovering Gaps

• Have you recently looked for any gaps that keep you from making that sale?
• Have you done enough follow-up on potential clients?
• Do you forget to disseminate some important information to your potential client on the phone?

Identifying Root Cause
• What traits help or hinder your success in getting clients? Can you recognize them and develop strategies for improving them?
• What do you think you can do to retain your clients for another cruise/trip?
• Do you need a refresher course for marketing your business?

Defining Corrective Action

• Attend a sales conference to get “re-affirmed” in your goal setting and new incentives
• Make at least one goal a week for yourself to renew your ambition…networking, talking to other cruise planners, doing research to come up with new ideas
• Take a cruise yourself and get renewed in mind, body and spirit…remembering to share that adventure with your clients!

Evaluating Performance
• After you set your goals, give yourself until the end of the year to reach a quota you make for yourself.
• Evaluate what worked and what you need to toss out as far as initiatives to meet your goals
• When you see that you have met your goals…do it again, and again, and again and watch your business waves reach its peak as you surf through the next year!

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