Posted on: Jun 2, 2013 3:01:18 PM

It has been said that the first year of running your own home business is the toughest. For small business owners, it can be a make or break it time, but not when you have Cruise Planners/American Express as your background expert.

You are the spark plug of your own company. The things you do to succeed as a small business owner, includes being aware that the knowledge you use to run it, has to come from other places beyond your own thinking.

The information and knowledge you possess is all right here online, through business leaders, bloggers, networkers, education, experienced and skilled businesspersons, and just plain common sense. If you need to learn some critical skills to run your business, reach out and get the assistance you need to do that.

For instance, if you invest in Cruise Planners/American Express, you have two “brands” right there who have all the tried and true information you need to exceed. From travel to finances, they both have the tools of the trade for your investment. CP also offers CPU, a university that provides the skills you may need to reinforce or learn.

Next, if you hire great employees, (or work as a family business) train the members to do their specific part of the job, and leave them to it. Do not get hung up on the day-to-day operations. Train your employees and then you focus on strategy or pursuit of growth planning or business development.

Set specific goals and outline a plan to reach those goals. From time to time, check on those goals to see how your plan is working or to determine if you have to re-evaluate your tactics and rewrite the original goals.

Make your work climate pleasant and environment friendly. If you are going to be “at the office,” be at the office all the way. No working in pajamas, no short-changing the hours you put into your business, just because you can. Desk, phone, all the supplies, pictures of ships, islands etc., are all things that will “inspire” you to do well in your Cruise Planners/ American Express business. Since you are working at home, your family is right there, so replace that family photo, with a huge seashell from the last cruise you took to the islands.

Having your own business can be very rewarding, pay off great financially and especially - when you work from home, it will cut overhead cost and employee factors. Just remember however, whatever you put into your business, is what you will get out of it including the satisfaction of having the benefits of a successful business.