Posted on: Sep 30, 2012 1:14:06 PM


Have you ever wondered what makes people interested in purchasing a franchise? I mean, what seems to be the big deal? Having your own business can be hard work.Studies have indicated that one of the reasons people seek franchise opportunities, may be ones need for control.

If you are the type of personality that likes to take charge, not answer to anyone but yourself, and have always been a dynamic leader, than this may be your drive to look for the perfect franchise. Maybe that one idea or suggestion you have that the corporations just are not listening too may be applied successfully if you are the owner of the franchise and have the final say, finally.

Need the Money. In this economy, perhaps you do not feel safe because so many corporations are cutting people, even managers, and you feel your job is threatened. After all, they CAN hire someone who has not been on the job for 10 years and start him or her at a lower salary for the financial sake of the company. There are so many people out of work today, no job can be taken for granted or assumed safe because of your longevity or experience at the company, especially in this digital age where you have to make sure that you have the skills. Unfortunately, downsizing is a popular way to “fix things” legally.

In addition to the above factors, the other thing that makes a franchise appealing is the fact that people are stressed these days in the corporate environment. They could be tired of the travel that involves being away from their family too much, missing too many of theirs kids sports events. Sometimes, both parents have to work and that becomes an issue when important deadlines or business travel compromises the schedules of the family time, or perhaps one parent’s job conflicts with the other parent’s job. There is not an easy remedy and it wreaks havoc on the entire family.

Retirement and income can be a leading factor of why people chose the franchising business. They have their 401k in place, however, is that and social security enough to live on? Not likely. However, franchising offers the opportunity to make additional wealth without touching the other income you worked hard for years to save.

For instance, look into Cruise Planning American Express Industry. THAT franchise investment is under $10,000 and yet, look at the benefits you have. Stay at home, travel, make money, go back for training at the CP University – where they help you with your business, and not even mentioning the fantastic flexible hours, which is part of the package. The most important factor though, is that you and your family can all be a part of the big picture together…and for the first time in years, you are all on the same page of working, playing and living together. Now, instead of Disney World Vacations, you can all go on exotic cruises to the islands and historical places all over the world. Yep, life does not get much better than that…especially when it comes to a “job.”

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