Posted on: May 28, 2012 10:17:39 PM

Memorial Day

How fitting is it that on Memorial Day we remember the soldiers that have fought for our freedom? We are grateful for the men and women who have served and even lost their lives in the name of America and the Armed Services.

So many of our soldiers are starting to come home and they will be looking for work in a down economy that doesn’t have a lot to offer in the way of a “career” after their long absence from the work world.

However, there are several companies extending their own helping hand and recognizing that these service people need to “begin anew” in finding a job. One such company is right here, Cruise Planners/American Express.

This franchise opportunity is perfect for those coming from the war zone. It provides a low franchise investment that yields high revenue returns. No previous experience is required and the fact that Cruise Planners carries the American Express brand provides that from a Sales and Marketing standpoint, it practically sells itself.

The Cruise Planner franchise fee costs $9,995 and includes free training for the owner and the staff through Cruise Planners University. The commission level is high, especially compared to other franchises, and the travel benefits are dreams come true for many. Now for our military, here is what Cruise Planners/American Express offers:

• Discounted Franchise Fee

• Offers Other Franchise Fee Discounts to Military Veteran Franchisees

• Implemented Programs For Educating and Recruiting Veteran Franchises

• Financing Assistance To Military Veteran Franchisees

• Considered a portable home-based business Professional Organization Program

• IFA VetFran Program• Military Base Transition Program

Imagine this. Your loved one comes home from the service, begins his career as a Cruise Planners/American Express Franchise owner. He is home with you and the kids as he develops his business after training from CP University. His office is setup at home, his marketing booking and lead –generating tools are put to use and the Professional development and hands-on training from the top executives of the industry have been all been established.

Business is underway and planned your first family cruise; this will be the first time you have all had a vacation together since Dad went to war. Now, where else can you find a job, school, training, home-based business, a low investment for under $10,000, and a family planned cruise to boot and still make money. At-ten, Hut!!