Posted on: Oct 22, 2013 11:36:24 AM

Cruise Planners American Express promises not to TRICK you into anything. Instead, they are TREATING you to an opportunity to own your own business, where you can work right from your own HAUNTED HOUSE! The cost for this franchise is not MONSTROUS, but you might be SPELLBOUND that it cost less than $10,000.

Cruise Planners American Express has no BAG OF TRICKS they are trying to sell you. They do promise the MAGIC of making good money and will provide the STEW & BREW UTENSILS at their Cruise Planners University where you will be taught the art of SPIRITS in selling. Many GHOST AGENTS of times past will be present to BEWITCH you with the facts of their success.

You don’t have to be SCARED, there are no GHOSTS, BAD SPIRITS or BAD APPLES in the BREW…only WARLOCKS AND WITCHES will provide you the very best of what they have to OFFER YOU IN TREATS! You even get discounts on ENCHANTED RIDES to other UNEARTHLY PLACES overseas and to the islands.

We know that it is an EERIE thought that FRIGHTENS you, as if maybe it is too good to be true. This is no hocus-pocus! We simply love to HOWL about our franchise that no amounts of POTIONS can POISON.

We will not RIP until the FOG lifts and you give us a try! There are no DEMONS OR DEVILS that are trying to scam you. No GRIM REAPER to talk you into something you don’t want to do. We promise you SPIN-CHILLING success in your new adventure as a small business owner. We wave the MAGIC –WAND of success over you and you will HOWL in the moonlight over your own success. There are no SKELETONS in our closet…full disclosure.

We won’t be casting any SPELLS on you. Just give us a call today and get all the great details the prove NOT to be so GORY after all.