Posted on: Jul 2, 2013 12:05:00 PM

Freedom. The freedom to choose. The freedom to go anywhere we want to…anytime we want too and anywhere we want too.

We get to choose our marriage status, religion, politics, and financial strategies toward prosperity. We choose what kind of education we want to have. We also choose how many children we want or do not want. And, we also make our own food choices, restaurants, and cars.

We also have the freedom to CHOOSE to work for someone else or be self-employed and own our own business!
Franchise opportunities are great models of business because they have already proven the up and downside of the business. They have a record of accomplishments and awards. They have consistent strategies toward growing the business and succeeding.

We need to ask ourselves if we are the entrepreneurial type. We realize that owning our own business is an investment of time, money, and consistency in our efforts.

While this is true of any business, in the Cruise Planners/American Express franchise industry, our investment will not break us because it is a small, less than $10,000 dollars. In addition, we already have the “brand” doing the preliminary work for us.

While many franchise owners may need to put in 60-80 hours per week working their operation, Cruise Planners/American Express University has already done the legwork and they teach us how to choose and utilize the best strategies for success.

What franchise market attracts us the most? Is it food related to the fast food industry? Is it retail markets where we track inventory, purchase and sell inventory and get a percentage of the profits? Alternatively, is it something we have a love for, a passion for that we always considered more for pleasure than as a business, like the travel industry?

Cruise Planners/American Express agents love to travel. They love the benefits of the business as well, where they have the freedom to travel the world if they choose to. They love that Training and Follow-up is all part of the package and the successful teams are attentive in helping them in the business. Agents love the fact that CP franchise owners networks and confirms every aspect of the business that demonstrates their success and empowerment.

We are America. We explore. We provide the Freedom to Choose. We pledge allegiance to our flag and our country. We thank our Fathers and Forefathers of our country for our Freedom, and the many hero’s and soldiers who help to maintain that freedom. We love the idea of exploring the waters of our nations. We love the idea of ownership and prosperity for ourselves. We give Thanks to God and Country salute those who help to make it a great country.