🌞 Viva Cancun! CP Travel Ambassador Brenda Daisey takes us to the beautiful TRS Coral Hotel

Posted on: Jun 24, 2022 9:00:00 AM

CP Travel Ambassador Brenda Daisey is a top producer with Vacation Express and was invited to attend their annual President's Club Retreat, held this year at the TRS Coral Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. With a slate of activities planned and plenty of free time to explore, Brenda shares with us some of her insights about the retreat and what you can expect when you travel there. Cruise Planners was also invited to this retreat and PR Manager Thuy Phan also shares a variety of photos and some insights on the retreat and experience as well. 

What specific cities and /or countries did you visit? Cancun & Isle Mujeres for the Vacation Express President's Club Retreat

What was your favorite memory from this trip? The TRS Coral was a great resort and I had not stayed at before, I found the staff to be very friendly and accommodating. Beach was in great shape. A big take away was the CHIC Cabaret show that guests of TRS can purchase tickets to. It was so well done, you're served a 5-course meal during the entire show, and the talent was amazing. Loved all the costumes and wide variety of music.


Top excursions and landmarks/sites to visit: We did a Catamaran with Nexus and we just could not have asked for more picture perfect weather. They played fun music and everyone had a fun time. I will suggest to clients to bring their own snorkel gear for things like this, as what they provide is not real desirable.

Were there any standout restaurants or foodie must-haves on this trip? Being guests or TRS Coral, you re open to visit all the dining at Grand Palladium, this is great to have more dinner choices. I found the breakfast at TRS to be a real treat, they changed it up a little each day, but selection and presentation were great. We also enjoyed sitting upstairs at the sports bar (on Palladium side) out on the deck, great vibe, great people watching, good drinks and appetizers.

How would you describe the people and culture of this destination? Any interesting cultural lessons? We just really enjoyed the staff here, our butlers were so sweet and responsive, and you could not walk down the hall or sidewalk and pass an employee who did not stop, acknowledging you and smile and greet you.

Top Tips and recommendations for this trip: Take lots of singles, the staff work very hard, and tips are very much deserved and appreciated. I feel like good service makes a big impression on your trip, so show them some love.


Additional thoughts and insights? We did take the ferry over to Isle Mujeres one day and rented a golf cart. It was a nice experience, I would caution clients to go early, they will run out of daily rentals and go to by the hour. It gets hot and crowded as the day goes on.

From Thuy Phan, PR Manager at Cruise Planners: The resort at TRS Coral was instagram-worthy, fun and relaxing at the same time. All-inclusives are great options for those looking for a stress-free vacation and the beautiful pools and outstanding hospitality made it a great getaway. The beach was a short walk away and was a great backdrop for an already beautiful resort. A special thanks to Vacation Express and their incredibly warm team for taking such great care of the agents at the President's Club Retreat. They planned an impeccable and thoughtful itinerary that included excursions, airport transfers from Nexus Tours, farewell gala and site visits. Cruise Planners is proud to be among the top producers and hope to be back next year!

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