Tips for a More Productive 2016

Posted on: January 9, 2016 at 2:15 PM

The New Year brings with it five tips you should consider for a more productive 2016:

Strategic Emails - Don’t just forward emails to simplify your correspondence.  Summarize key ideas and brainstorm  to cut down on emails.  Look for responses only.  Estimate if it is more efficient to stop by a desk or office and have a discussion instead of writing that long email and then waiting for a response.

Office Cleaning - Have all machines been watered?  Just like a plant, maintenance is the essence of continued growth and to keep functions operating at a productive level.  Don’t wait until something breaks down, have a regular maintenance schedule just like you do for your cars.

Organize Your Time - Do your “to do” list first thing in the morning or even the night before.  This helps to keep your time organized and in line with the various tasks you have to do each day.  If you run out of time before the last task is done, put it down as the first thing the next morning.  If you find that you are interrupted too many times to stay on track, put your phone on voicemail or hold off on answering any emails that can wait.

Productive Meetings - If you are to conduct a meeting, known well in advance what you want to accomplish at that meeting.  Send out an agenda for your topics so attendees will be prepared to follow along efficiently.  Time is wasted when you are not organized and productivity goes out the window.  Start the meeting on time and end the meeting on time.  Make it interesting to hold the attendees attention.  Get feedback so you can possibly be even more productive for the next meeting.

Breaks - If you take mini breaks by standing up, stretching or bending, it improves your mental clarity and productivity.  If possible, get away from the office or at least your desk for lunch to help you feel you like you got a fresh energy boost and are ready to go back to work renewed.

Add to this list as the month goes on and before you know it, your goals become tasks and your tasks reap the rewards!  Happy Productive 2016!

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