Thousands of Travelers are Sitting on 'Golden Ticket' Vouchers for Future Vacations – Travel Advisors Offer the Best Solution

Posted on: May 8, 2020 12:36:45 PM

Cruise Planners Travel Advisors provide sound advice for travelers when using their Future Cruise Credits to get the best value for their vacation

FCC release

Travel Agent Solutions for Future Vacation Vouchers 

When a travel reservation is canceled altogether, consumers may leave valuable vacation perks on the table, or alternative solutions, had they rebooked a future vacation instead. A travel advisor can guide consumers through the rebooking process to ensure they get the most value when modifying their travel reservation. Even if a room or travel fare isn't refundable, there may be alternative options to get a travel voucher for a future trip. Cruise Planners encourages consumers to let a travel expert negotiate on their behalf and be their advocates before, during and after a trip.

As the travel industry continues to face COVID-19, Cruise Planners is positioned for long-term success due to its strong partnership with cruise lines and travel suppliers and commitment to servicing its valued clients.

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