There Are Many Target Audiences for Travel Agencies

Posted on: August 15, 2016 at 11:22 PM


Marketing your Travel Agency to your Target Audience

When starting a travel agency, getting and retaining travel clients and making travel bookings takes work. The more effort you put into marketing your travel agency to your target audience, the higher the success rate and profit margins will be.

Everyone around the world was most likely watching the Olympics in Rio. Now it isn't always easy to travel to faraway places to solicit new travel business; however, think about how many great opportunities you have if you do. Any large gathering (yes, even the political arena!) is fair game for small business travel agency owners.

As a travel agent, did you ever consider traveling to destinations with largest gatherings in order to find new travel clients?

Keeping Your Travel Agency Profitable

  • Convention Halls/Trade Shows. It may be restricted, but the lounges, pools and bars aren't.
  • State/County Fairgrounds? Business cards and flyers go a long way at this type of place. Even a cheap coupon or small gift (pencils) can promote your business.
  • Gift bags at movie premiere sites
  • Churches – their events draw a lot of people for dances, casino nights, speaking events, etc.,
  • Clubs – Elks, Knights of Columbus, Ladies Auxiliaries, Bowling Leagues, Sports Games?

How to Find Travel Agent Clients

Just a few of many places you could go to increase your travel agency's visibility and clientele with smart marketing approaches.

Are you in touch with the numbers? What demographic audience holds your highest potential?

Are you being open to all audiences? Remember, Bride & Grooms go on Destination Weddings & Honeymoons. Families take a yearly vacation. Baby Boomers are retired and can go as often and to as many various trips as they can budget for.

Has your travel agency ever raffled a trip? Every single person that signs up to win that trip is a potential client.

Have you partnered with a gym? What about the fall festivals all over the country already setting up for Oktoberfest's and Halloween …and you know the Holidays are right behind that!

Get a jump NOW on the many opportunities that can assist you in marketing your travel agency business. Schools do candy drives; perhaps they would be interested in letting the kids sell tickets for trips!

Vow to talk to three people every day about your business and what you do.

Get away from your computer and find out where your ideal client hangs out and go visit them…they have a lot of friends.

Stay present on your social media's contacts and mentions, but don't be a slave to that arena that could stall your business with redundancy.

Don't forget, referrals are direct compliments to the success of your travel business…make sure the clients you have, come back for more and bring their friends.

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