What to Look for in a Premier Travel Franchise Opportunity

Posted on: April 1, 2024 at 10:58 AM

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If you’re considering an investment in the travel industry and you’re doing your homework, it won’t take long for you to realize that when it comes to travel franchise opportunities, you’ve got some options. There are any number of brands you could go with, so how do you narrow your choices? How do you identify top low-cost franchise opportunities in an industry that continues to thrive so that when you do make your final selection, it’s a good one? Let’s look at three important criteria you can use to help in the process.

A Travel Franchise Brand with Outside Recognition

It’s easy enough for a franchise brand to say they’re the best. But sooner or later, these claims should be confirmed by outside sources, like industry publications and organizations that are neutral in their assessments and are respected in their own right. Cruise Planners has been singled out as a leading franchise opportunity in the travel industry by independent experts on more than one occasion.

This year, for instance, Cruise Planners was once again ranked by Entrepreneur as a top franchise choice and has been included in the publication’s 45th annual Franchise 500® list. The Franchise 500 is accepted as the world’s first, best, and most comprehensive franchise ranking. To be added to this list of elite franchises, a brand is evaluated using criteria that include training and support, financial strength and stability, size and growth, and more. We’re exceptionally proud of this recognition, not only because the competition was stiff — nearly 1,400 brands across dozens of industries applied for consideration! — but also because it validates all our hard work and makes it easier for potential franchisees to see the value of a Cruise Planners investment.

Length of Time in the Travel Industry

We believe a brand’s longevity says a lot about its worth. Think about some of the giants in franchising that have been around for generations — McDonald’s, Holiday Inn, Baskin-Robbins, to name a few — and you begin to understand how a brand’s history can mean something. We’re not saying that newer brands don’t make valuable contributions and can’t be smart investments; we’re just suggesting that an established brand is often the better one to partner with.

Why is this? To begin with, established brands have time-tested business models. Processes and procedures have been put in place that make it easier for franchisees to do business, training and support are clearly defined, and if the corporate team has done its job, brand name recognition is in place, making it far easier for you to establish your new business!

With well over two decades in the travel franchise industry, all this and much more comes with a Cruise Planners investment. We are the number-one travel franchise opportunity in the country in part because our franchisees enjoy unparalleled advantages, like cutting-edge technology and expert marketing support, to help them grow their businesses. We’ve used our decades of industry experience to help our franchisees thrive, and we can do the same for you, too!

Franchisee Testimonials

The bottom line is a brand is only as successful as its franchisees, which is why, before you make any investment in one, you should talk to some of its current franchise owners — and the better brands will encourage and facilitate this. Part of the process of joining our brand is to speak to some of our current franchisees, to find out more about their experiences and to ask them questions about what it means to be part of the Cruise Planners brand family. We’re confident that once you do, you’ll come away with a deeper appreciation for everything a Cruise Planners investment has to offer.

One recognition that truly matters to our brand more than anything else is the satisfaction our franchisees feel about us, as measured by Franchise Business Review. This respected publication’s annual franchisee satisfaction report has revealed:

  • 92% of our franchisees agree or strongly agree that senior management is effective in driving the brand forward
  • 93% of franchisees enjoy being part of the Cruise Planners franchise
  • 96% of franchisees are likely to recommend the franchise to others — that’s 13% higher than our overall industry benchmark

Additionally, we ranked as either very good or excellent in a number of other important categories, including training and support, core values, and franchise community. Being recognized by our franchisees underscores the commitment we have toward their success, a dedicated approach that only premier travel agency opportunities like ours can offer.

To find out more about a Cruise Planners low-cost franchise opportunity, reach out to our team today!

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