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Posted on: April 1, 2024 at 11:06 AM

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When you become part of the Cruise Planners brand family, you’ll open your host travel agency, enjoying some distinct advantages, like our decades of industry experience, our expert marketing on your behalf, and technology that will keep you ahead of the competition. In fact, it’s our technology that really separates us as a turnkey business opportunity, allowing you to provide services to your clients that will keep them coming to you time and again for unique and memorable travel experiences.

We Set the Standard

Put simply, our technology is the best in the industry and features systems and resources to both help you be there for your clients and for your clients to access important information. As a Cruise Planners host travel agency owner, you’ll have access to:

  • A robust mobile app that lets you manage your business from anywhere
  • A unique and personalized website separate from our corporate site
  • Group registration tools to maximize your sales revenue
  • Cruise Watcher technology that checks for new itineraries and price reductions 
  • A hands-free email program to keep you connected to your clients
  • Online, on-demand travel advisor training

At the heart of our technological advantage is CP MAXX, our sophisticated Customer Relationship Management tool and live inventory online booking system. Integrated into CP Maxx is Maxx Intelligence, an innovative arm that incorporates sophisticated artificial intelligence to help both travel advisors and their clients navigate the travel planning process. Some of its standout features include:

  • The ability to analyze extensive travel data to deliver tailored recommendations that align with each client’s preferences
  • Robust content generation that allows for the creation of engaging narratives and materials like marketing content, newsletters, and blog posts
  • Predictive analysis that anticipates emerging travel trends, enabling advisors to offer proactive suggestions and stay ahead of market demands

Technology like ours will help you stay ahead of the curve and offer a level of boutique service the competition simply can’t match!

Travel Planning Made Simple

Most travelers will tell you — it feels good to be able to rely on a travel expert, but it’s also nice to have control over itineraries, preferences, etc. You’ll be able to offer your clients just that through technology that allows them to…

  • Book trips directly through your website
  • Manage their trips through your online portal 
  • Access a mobile app to see upcoming trip information and access destination guides
  • Use Amazon Alexa to manage payments, see itinerary details, contact you, and more

Your clients will appreciate the control they’ll have while at the same time benefiting from your industry knowledge and guidance. These days, technology has touched on just about every aspect of life, and the better brands, like Cruise Planners, make sure to leverage it in ways that help franchisees grow.

We’ll Bring You Up to Speed!

Technology is great, but we know it can feel a bit overwhelming for some. There’s a learning curve to much of today’s technology — but don’t worry! We won’t leave you to figure things out for yourself! Our turnkey business opportunity includes a franchise team that will be there to provide you with expert training and support so you’ll feel fully prepared to take full advantage of the robust resources we’ve just discussed. Our comprehensive training will also go over subjects like:

  • How to market your franchise to reach your best customers
  • How to set and measure growth goals
  • How to leverage important industry relationships
  • How to manage day-to-day operations
  • And so much more!

We know how important it is to start out on strong footing, so we don’t leave your preparation to chance. In fact, one of the best aspects of a Cruise Planners travel agency franchise is that you’ll be in business for yourself, never by yourself — and what could be better than that?

Cruise Planners is the #1 travel franchise opportunity in the industry. To start your franchise journey with us, reach out to our team today!

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