Posted on: July 11, 2015 at 11:05 AM

Cruise Planners Franchise owners may think that their marketing is only on the sea, but on-land marketing is a great c’mon on for potential customers, cruisers and networking.


You can organize a community service day where your business, employees and current customers host a day where you have a stream cleanup, a blood drive, host a movie for seniors only at a discount price and hand out your sponsored brochures or flyers promoting your business as well as giving back to the community.  Sponsor a swimming pool event or swim meet that introduces an opportunity to network with people who love the water!  Go to hotels that offer inside/outside pools and host a happy hour for the guests and promote (tactfully) your business.


Don’t forget the kids.  At the beach you can host a cookout that has clowns, water tricks or events, hot dogs, carnival style games, and give each kid a promotional t-shirt with Cruise Planners on it.  You get discounts on bulk orders.


Promotional items are always a good bet when people go on vacation.  Water bottles, beach towels, reusable water bottles, inflatable town sunscreen, hats visors, beach balls, are all great promotional items that you can distribute at various beaches you visit over the summer.


Kids are going off to college after summer?  Kids are going back to school in August?  Provide promotional pencils, binders, folders, pens, book bags, lunch totes, promoting your business name.  It keeps students thinking “beach, water, boat, cruise” all year long. 


“Hey, Mom & Dad, where are we going next summer on our cruise?  Let’s try a holiday cruise in November or December”.

Many have taken a trip to Disneyland, but have they taken a Disney Cruise!? 


Promote! Promote! Promote during the summer months and you will see that your franchise business

thrives during the winter months too!



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