How to Start a Travel Agency from Home

Posted on: Jun 16, 2017 9:51:28 AM

If you have a passion for traveling and want the freedom of being your own boss, consider starting a home based travel agency. Not sure how to start a work from home travel agency? Think about joining a low cost travel franchise, such as Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, which comes with many benefits to help you and your new travel agency business succeed.

Reasons to Start a Work from Home Travel Agency

Starting a travel agency franchise with Cruise Planners, gives you access to some of the best travel and booking tools and training in the industry. Starting a travel agency from home as an independent travel agent can be difficult, especially trying to learn the ins and outs of the travel industry and building a client list from scratch.

By starting a travel agency with Cruise Planners, you will have in-person training to become a travel agent and the back end support so you can concentrate on keeping your travel agency business flourishing. Most importantly, Cruise Planners is the link between you (the travel agent, franchisee) and cruise and travel companies, hospitality brands and worldwide destinations. By starting a travel agency with Cruise Planners, instant credibility is then added to your travel agency as Cruise Planners is an American Express Travel Representative and offers access to exclusive American Express Card member benefits.

You don't have to go through this process of starting a travel agency alone. Starting a travel agency with your partner, family member or friend is made easy at Cruise Planners. Take a look at the story of mother/daughter travel agency owners and their journey from a corporate career to a travel agent career with Cruise Planners. Find out the most efficient ways on how to become a travel agent.

Best Travel Franchise to Start

Once you've decided to start a travel agency through a franchise, selecting the right franchise is the next step. Do your research and find out which franchise is the best fit for you. Does the mission of the franchise match yours? Do they provide tools to help you reach your goals and have a successful travel agency business? Is this a low cost business to start? How do travel agents make money as a travel franchise owner?

Consider these questions before making the big decision on which travel franchise to join. Cruise Planners' franchise development team can help walk you through all of these questions and help you get one step closer to travel agency business ownership as a home based travel agent. Contact our franchise sales team to find out how to start a travel agency.

Travel Agency Marketing and Promotion

Travel franchises such as Cruise Planners, positions travel agents to achieve and exceed all of their goals. Cruise Planners is one of the best franchises to own and provides new home based travel agents with an initial list of potential clients to reach out to and build their very own client lists. Create custom ads, flyers and more available through the Magellan and ADDY Award-winning marketing and advertising strategies at Cruise Planners.

Join the Crusitude™ lifestyle and turn your love for the travel industry into being a successful home based travel agent today as a Cruise Planners travel franchise owner. No experience is needed when you join a travel franchise, so enjoy the freedom to create your own schedule and work from home or on the go. By combining the travel agent training and support with Cruise Planners' award-winning marketing and technology tools, you can become a travel agent operating a successful, home based businesses. Check out our top 10 reasons to join a travel franchise today and start your journey to becoming a travel agent with one of best franchises to own Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative.

Please join us for an upcoming travel franchise opportunity webinar in which you can learn more about the features and benefits of owning your own Cruise Planners travel franchise.

Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Travel Agency Franchise

Many travel franchises offer training and support. From the comprehensive 6-day onboard travel agent training in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to year-round training and networking opportunities such as boot camps and the annual convention, and online courses, the support found at Cruise Planners is non-stop. During these trainings, you'll learn about every element that goes into operating your travel agency along with in-depth learning opportunities about the industry.

Because of the low franchise start cost of starting a travel agency with Cruise Planners, and the added ability to work from home, or on the go traveling, makes Cruise Planners one of the most profitable franchises to start.

Travel Agent Training Academy

In addition to in-person training, Cruise Planners offers live and on-demand webinars as a part of the travel agent training and is accessible at home or on the road with Cruisitude Academy. Access videos and tutorials that you can utilize through Cruisitude Academy as a home based travel agent to your benefit to help maximize your sales. Unfamiliar with the business aspect such as marketing, public relations and advertising? as a Cruise Planners home based travel agent, you will learn all about these areas from first-hand experiences from travel professionals.

Travel Agent Training Certification

Cruise Planners offers an exclusive training and travel agent certification program that teaches travel agents how to plan destination and weddings at sea. Certified Cruise Planners travel agents offer superior service for engaged couples, so take advantage of this opportunity to potentially expand your client list. From land to sea trips, become an expert in all aspects of travel and a wedding specialist as a Cruise Planners home based travel agent.

Online Travel Agency Support

Around the clock support is provided by the Business Development Team at the Cruise Planners Home Office. Providing the best travel agency tools and technology to travel agents is extremely important at Cruise Planners. You will have access to the advance technology available that is designed to give Cruise Planners travel agents the ability to work from home or on the go. Share this technology with your clients as they have access to a travel agency mobile app designed specifically for them where they can view their upcoming trip personalized by Cruise Planners home based travel agents and more.

Franchise Military/Veteran Benefits

Are you active military, a military veteran or a first responder that's interested in starting your own business? Cruise Planners might be the franchise for you. Check out the Cruise Planners' Armed Forces and First Responders Initiative Program to learn about the special discounts, savings and more available to you and your family. Many of Cruise Planners travel agents are military veterans, find out how this military couple started their own travel agency business by using their army background to their benefit and became travel franchise owners.

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