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Posted on: February 14, 2024 at 4:57 PM


One of the best things about a Cruise Planners travel franchise opportunity is that just about anyone can take advantage of it, regardless of professional experience. That’s because our low-cost franchise investment comes with immediate and expert training and support that will not only position you to make the most of our robust industry but will keep you in the know and ahead of the curve, allowing you to feel confident and prepared at all times.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at how we onboard new franchisees into the system and how our 30 years of expertise is used to help our franchisees establish and grow their small businesses.

In-Depth Classroom Training

Signing your franchise agreement with us is an exciting time. It means you're about to embark on small business ownership, take advantage of our time-tested business model, and find yourself at the center of a thriving and exciting industry. It also means you'll enjoy over 50 hours of classroom certification training at our Star University which will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about running your franchise and making the most of our business model. During this training period, we’ll go over important topics like:

  • What our industry looks like
  • How to manage day-to-day operations
  • How to generate leads and sales
  • How to curate travel tours
  • How to leverage our proprietary technology
  • How to make the most of our industry relationships
  • Some key ways to market your franchise
  • And much, much more!

You’ll also have access to our proprietary operating manuals and other operating and training materials that will keep you current with new developments, advances, and trends, so you’ll always be able to provide your clients with the very best in services.

After You Start Doing Business

At Cruise Planners, we know it's not enough to simply hang up your shingle. It's essential to get the word out about your new travel franchise, and we don't leave that to chance so we support our network of travel advisors with award-winning marketing.

  • Customized direct mail pieces, designed, printed, and mailed for you
  • Weekly email blasts to clients featuring deals and specials
  • An informative bi-weekly luxury-focused e-newsletter
  • A print-on-demand marketing and communications tool
  • Segmentation data on your clients to assist in more targeted marketing efforts
  • A social media management program to help you build your online footprint

Your low-cost franchise will also benefit from the very best in technology, including our proprietary customer relationship management tool, a live inventory online booking system, a fully functional mobile app that allows you to manage your business from anywhere, and a personalized website, among many other important resources including an AI resource Maxx Intelligence.

Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

Cruise Planners isn’t the number one travel agency franchise brand in the industry for nothing. We know success is a team effort, meaning when you become part of the Cruise Planners brand, you'll be in business for yourself, never by yourself. We make sure to share our industry expertise with you 24/7, which is especially important when you're starting out. And while it's nice to have access to online resources, nothing beats hands-on, real-time, person-to-person support. Enter our business coaches! We’ll pair you up with a dedicated coach who will help you make the most of our franchise opportunity and our flexible business model. You’ll enjoy regular calls with your coach, during which time you can get help with your website, identify networking opportunities and marketing strategies, learn about areas of growth, set and track goals, and so much more. Our coaches are excited to share their knowledge and help you grow, and are committed to seeing your travel franchise flourish!

To find out more about everything a Cruise Planners franchise opportunity comes with and how we’ll help position you for growth, reach out to our team today!

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