Some Great Ways to Market Your Cruise Planners Travel Host Agency

Posted on: November 3, 2023 at 9:07 AM

One of the best things about a Cruise Planners franchise opportunity is the expert and ongoing franchisor support you can count on to help you establish and grow your travel host agency. This includes our regular marketing efforts to help get the word out about your business. Still, while our marketing efforts are comprehensive, you’ll want to take the lead when it comes to local marketing; you know your community best and, as a small business owner, will want to stay involved in it as much as possible.

Cruise Planners has been an industry leader for decades, and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to reach your best customer. Keep reading to find out about four smart ways you can do so.

Make Customer Service a Priority

These days, travelers are smarter than ever, in part because there are so many choices when it comes to destinations and how to book trips to them. That’s why customer service is essential because it’s the little things, the attention you pay to the needs and goals of your clients, that will set you apart.

When you focus on creating a great customer experience, you go a very long way toward growing your franchise and getting the word out about everything you have to offer. By paying attention to the concerns and satisfaction of your clients, you’ll generate positive word of mouth, and that’s something your marketing dollar simply can’t buy.

Become a Travel Expert

Travelers are often unsure about how to go about booking the best experience possible. If they know where they want to go, they might not know how to get there in a way that makes the most of their time and budget. Perhaps they have special needs, are traveling with children, or have a very specific time frame in which to travel. They’ll want to turn to an expert, someone who has answers to help them navigate the journey. That expert should be you!

When you can build a reputation as a trusted travel advisor, you go a very long way toward establishing your franchise — and the good news is, we’re here to help. Our corporate team always keeps a finger on the industry pulse and makes sure to pass along any important trends or advances to our travel agents. You’ll also have access to our webinar series to keep you in the know and on top of best practices, and our industry-leading technology — a robust CRM and booking system, agent and client mobile apps, and email automation platform — will allow you to sell more, work from anywhere, and be there for your clients at all times.

Grow Your Network

Getting out and about in your community and networking with other business owners is one of the best ways of sharing everything your Cruise Planners franchise has to offer. Being the face of your business is important — you will be its biggest champion — and a great place to share more about your franchise is at your local Chamber of Commerce.

Chambers provide regular opportunities to meet new people, chat with community leaders, and converse with other business owners. Chambers also frequently offer members free or discounted marketing services, access to advice from business coaches who are industry experts, and other resources not otherwise available, making your membership an even smarter move.

Because you’ll be a work-from-home travel agent, networking with others is especially important. Not only will it help you spread the word about your franchise, it’ll give you the opportunity to get out and meet others and enjoy their company.

Get Social!

These days, there’s hardly a person who doesn’t engage with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and more. In fact, it’s estimated that there are 4.9 billion social media users across the globe, so it doesn’t take much to appreciate the potential it has as a marketing tool.

As one of the best low-cost franchise opportunities available, we know the importance of utilizing social media to help get the word out about our brand, and as a Cruise Planners franchisee, you can do the same too. Social media is the perfect way to share what your travel franchise has to offer, and if you don’t have time to manage these platforms yourself, consider hiring someone who does. It will be well worth the investment.

Cruise Planners is an industry-leading, low-cost travel franchise investment. To find out more about our agency and how to take advantage of it, reach out today!

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