Don't Let These Franchise Myths Keep You from Taking Advantage of a Cruise Planners Business Travel Agency!

Posted on: November 3, 2023 at 8:36 AM

Did you know there are 750,000+ franchise businesses in the US? The franchise business model is very popular, and it’s no surprise. Every day, people not only shop and dine at franchises but choose the model to start their own businesses. That’s because franchise opportunities, like a Cruise Planners business travel agency, come with built-in training and support, marketing help, networking opportunities, and more — and that can mean a faster return on investment!

But while franchises are visited by millions of people every year, there are certain myths about becoming a franchisee that might discourage someone from taking advantage of our turnkey business opportunity. Keep reading to find out about a few of those myths and how our opportunity busts them!

It’s a Risky and Expensive Investment

No brand can guarantee a franchisee’s ultimate success. But did you know franchises are statistically less risky endeavors than independent startups? That’s because, thanks to all the efforts the franchisor has invested in their business model, kinks have been worked out and best practices have been put in place. For franchise owners, that can mean less guesswork and more time to focus on growth.

In our case, when you partner with Cruise Planners to open your business travel agency, you’ll be able to leverage our decades of experience and our deep knowledge of the travel industry. Having access to our expertise and resources takes a lot of the work and worry out of starting your business.

Additionally, ours is truly one of the most affordable franchise investments available. Our low-cost franchise fee of just $8,995 is a truly budget-friendly opportunity to become your own boss and enjoy all the perks that come with that. You’ll be working for your own bottom line from the comfort of home (which means no overhead!) while enjoying our expert guidance and support that will keep you up to date on best practices and ahead of the competition.

You Need Travel Industry Experience

Many people believe they can’t take advantage of a brand opportunity unless they have experience in the industry that brand is in — but that’s not true; while prior experience is certainly helpful, in our case, it’s not necessary, thanks to our expert training and support that will allow you to make the most of our turnkey business opportunity.

We’ll make sure that before you start your franchise, you'll receive the training, support, and tools needed to establish your business as a home-based travel agent. We’ve created lots of useful resources to support our franchise owner travel agents while they are setting up their businesses, including hundreds of helpful webinars and courses available through our Cruisitude® Academy. Additionally, our in-person training provides the support of an experienced Home Office Team. You'll also gain access to your own travel agency website, mobile application, and online proprietary tools for researching and booking multiple components of travel – making it easier for you to get clients, manage those relationships, and close sales.

We know starting out and staying on solid footing is key to your success, and we don’t leave that up to chance!

You Won’t Have Freedom

Many potential investors believe they’ll have to sacrifice their entrepreneurial spirit to become a franchisee and follow rigid guidelines and procedures that hinder their goals. Actually, as a Cruise Planners franchisee, nothing could be further from the truth!

While all franchise brands do have a business model and specific processes that franchisees must follow, the fact is, when it comes to opening a low-cost franchise with Cruise Planners, our model allows for a lot of individuality. Among other things, you’ll decide how you want to structure your time and how you want to market your travel agency. You can also decide whether you’d like to specialize in a certain travel niche, like honeymoon planning or all-inclusive cruises. We believe each franchisee brings unique strengths to our brand, and our model allows for plenty of self-expression!

You Can Set It and Forget It

Because the franchise model comes with so many built-in benefits, some potential franchisees think all they need to do is invest in one, and the rest will just fall into place. While our franchisees do benefit from our proven business model, established brand recognition, and comprehensive support, it’s not a guarantee that your franchise will succeed. Your success will depend greatly on your involvement, like your marketing efforts, your continuing industry education (and we’re here to help with that!), and more.

A franchise is like any other small business — it needs an owner’s time and attention to reach its full potential, which means you can’t just set it and forget it. Your ongoing effort and dedication will be required to build a successful franchise, one that will allow you to realize all your entrepreneurial goals.

Ready to be in business for yourself but not by yourself? Cruise Planners is here to make that happen, so reach out today to learn more information!

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