Posted on: Feb 17, 2013 11:47:46 AM

It is pretty obvious that people buy from people. It is not the sales brochure or the fancy words on a website that sells the customer; it is you, the owner of the newly purchased franchise. After your training at CPU, you will be supporting others on the basics of selling, whether it is an agent, an additional partner or owner, or a client.

Extraordinary sales results come from having a staff that unites through the company's core values, yet still has diversity and the freedom to use their individual talents. Your first training session at CPU University will teach you the core elements of running a franchise; however, it is you who will subsequently implement those values into a sound business strategy with your sales agents.

Teach your staff to use their own unique approach to apply the basics when trying to sell the product. Here are some approaches using the travel agent as an example.

What makes your product unique?

There are many cruise ships, many travel agents…many exotic places to go…as an agent, what do your provide your client that sets your product apart from others in selling that cruise?

Your customer is unique and you let them know it. You show them specifically the advantage of using you and your products as opposed to other cruiselines. You let them know what makes your product stand out from others, which creates the demand that helps you get that sale.

As you speak to your customer, you prove you have done your homework and are prepared to assure them you know exactly what they are looking for from their cruise, and how your expertise is going to help provide that for them.

You will learn from your CP training that VALUE always comes first with any customer. They want value for their time, effort, and money. You are prepared to show them the most cost-effective way to get the most out of their vacation.

You are not afraid to ask questions so your client benefits from the product package you are selling to them. Do they like children on board or adults only? Are they interested in sitters if they bring children so they have some free time, etc.; Questions tell you who your client is, their taste, and their preferences.

Finally, listen. Listen to what your customer wants, needs and expects in return for their business. When you satisfy those components, you have satisfied your customer.

Networking is essential in any business. Cruise Ships are no different. Ask your clients to refer you to their friends and relatives. Have them fill out a comment card for their views on the experience YOU setup for them.

Make sure you provide a good presentation. Your first opportunity to get that sale is the presentation you give to your client. They should be excited and ready to book that trip after your presentation. Make it fun and entertaining…just like their trip will be.

Who do you think gets the sales, pushy people, or pleasantly persistent sales people? A vacation cruise is an important decision, and if you are pushy, people will be scared off. Be pleasant and only persistent in your approach to assure them they are making the right decision to book their trip with you.

Send your staff for training and updating of new techniques, approaches, tools, and conferences that keeps them excited about their product.

Using these approaches, you cannot only capture the client you are selling too, but know that their return for another trip will be on their “to do” list for years to come.