Posted on: Feb 3, 2013 3:47:15 PM

Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a good franchisor? You might be surprised to learn that the qualities are somewhat similar to that of a coach of a football team. They have to be good leaders, capable of making good decisions and able to communicate effectively to the players if they want to score. It’s also a good idea that the coach has of course, played football or at the very least held a position as a water-boy, although even in pee-wee football, some of those Dads are just good leaders so therefore qualified to be a good franchisor.

As in any game, you have to take risks; there is no way around that. When going into business, you have to have a game plan. A good game plan will include taking a calculated risk that will help make their team score the field goal. A good business franchisor will have a play that helps place revenue into their game plan. It is important to implement these important components of the game in a business or on the playing field.

In any pro game, communication is vital to the players, as is when hiring employees for your business. The Captain of the team will have to stay in touch with the players and communicate the best decisions… just as a Franchisee needs to hear from the Franchisor so the open communications keeps the plays in motion.

Players are continually changing positions so updating the positions and providing training, and a good offense and defense is conducive to winning the game and keep clients coming back as a franchisor. You apply the same game plan and moves in business as you do in a football game.
Games can be won and trophies awarded to those who work hard and have the determination to score, whether it is a field goal or money from their investment. business. Everyone loves Super Bowl Sunday, and future franchisors will love knowing when they invest in a winning team such as Cruise Planners American/Express, it is the Super Bowl of business success!