📅 2022: Time to Be Your Own Boss

Posted on: January 26, 2022 at 1:05 PM

Every year when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we know it’s the beginning of a fresh slate and a chance to start anew. Although we can make changes anytime, there’s something about a clear demarcation that gets our brain wired to make resolutions and take action.

After the year we had with 2021 and the cultural phenomenon known as the “Great Resignation”, we are seeing people’s priorities shift now more than ever. Healthcare workers are experiencing burnout, and others are finding the time they spent during lockdown suited them. The “9-5 grind” no longer sounds appealing.

27 years ago, when Michelle Fee co-founded Cruise Planners, she was decades ahead of the game, focusing on training agents to book travel anywhere with the work-from-home model. Today, the company has grown to over 2,500 agents nationwide with sales reaching over half a billion dollars. We asked our advisors what the impetus was for them to become their own boss and what the “aha!” moment was that changed the course of their careers.

The “why” is different for everyone but one of the common themes that kept surfacing was the yearning for flexibility, freedom and to be compensated for as hard as you worked. Travel is certainly addictive and being able to find a way to work remotely is a dream come true for some. Check out what some of the advisors had to say and see if that little voice in your head, asking you to resolve to be your own boss, should be the megaphone that inspires you to make a change.

For complete freedom and flexibility... this includes the way I dress, the hours I work, and personalizing my business exactly the way I want.
- Jo-Ann M., 69

I didn't want to work for other people who dictated the rules. The success I have is my success because of my hard work.
- Casey C., 71

This is my second career. Having a tremendous amount of autonomy in my large company positions, I knew that I couldn't work for someone, perhaps having someone always looking over my shoulder.
After deciding to open my own business, I researched why people do it. The biggest value of that research was that it focused on "being passionate" for your business. International travel has always been my passion, and my decision was made!
- Kathe K.,70

I retired from a busy corporate career and was looking for something I could do from home, do as a team with my wife Karen and still be able to travel. What? Travel? Let's check that out and the rest is history. I knew I could build a successful business and Cruise Planners gave me the tools to succeed.
It was knowing that there was actually a community of destination experts, professionals from the supplier side, and other travel advisors that shared a passion for travel and were willing to assist me in starting and growing my business.”
- Enrico S., 66

After retiring from the military and my wife retiring from corporate, we wanted to do something that was meaningful and give us satisfaction. Plus, we can work together for the rest of our lives. It's the best complement to our marriage.
- Isaiah & Deborah B., 50-60 

We have been self-employed for years in another field. Adding a travel business was the perfect fit to secure our retirement plans. It clicked that "We can earn enough to pay for our own travel passion while helping others plan their adventures."
- Jeff and Audrey C., 62/51

My husband lovingly refers to me as "The Boss of the World" so now I'm the boss of me, too! I just wanted to expand, grow, learn more, explore & not be tied down, so flying the nest & branching out in my own was a no-brainer. I had been with a local brick & mortar Disney-focused agency for many years & felt like it was time. I sell everything & had to spread my wings & fly, so I took off from the "mother ship home" host agency in March of this year (2021) & I am soaring...“
-Char D., 56

I’ve always wanted to run my own business and we love to travel, so Cruise Planners was a perfect match. I wanted to get started moving toward retirement but did not want to stop earning because I needed to fund my travel addiction.
- Lisa M., 57

I worked for way too many other companies who stifled me and my passions and creativity. It was very unrewarding, and my fire burned out every time.
- Melissa S., 48

Mostly financial - previous host was taking a huge cut.
- Polly H., 69

I had the option because my current agency was closing its’ doors & made the leap. I thought I could go & work for someone else. CP colleagues at the time convinced me I would be great at this.
- Patricia L., 50

I want to experience success and income based on my own hard work. Doing a google search and finding out I could start part-time with a host agency for a minimal investment.
- Susan C., 68

I wanted the flexibility of making my own "retirement" hours.
- Missy A., 60

I didn't want to start working for anyone again, so I decided to be a Corporate Drop Out. I got laid off and saw that the cost of entry would not deplete my severance package.
- Suzanne D.

I've owned businesses before so had the experience already, and it was something I'm interested in.
I did my research on Cruise Planners and they were the best of the best.
- Deborah C., 67

For the flexibility it offers. I worked in the medical field prior and 12-hour shifts are not flexible.
When I missed a huge baseball tournament for my son (again) due to working weekends with 12-hour shifts.
- Kimberly B., 50

I had been in the corporate world for over 35 years, and it was simply wearing down my will to live. When I found that I had to talk myself into getting out of bed every morning, I knew it was time for a change. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and I researched several franchise opportunities before I found Cruise Planners. Once I started reading about the company and the program - and when it hit me that I have always worked so that I could afford to travel - it seemed like a match made in heaven.
- Carla W., 59

If you’ve made the decision to be your own boss and are considering a career in travel, you can reach out to Cruise Planners at (888) 582-2150 for more information or click here to schedule a call.



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