🎁 The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

Posted on: December 14, 2021 at 3:30 PM

Holidays are a time to rejoice and reflect, and this year was unlike any other, especially in the world of travel. It was unpredictable in so many ways, but what it taught us is that as travel advisors, our expertise and advocacy for our clients make the work that we do, indispensable.

Although we’ve seen a new normal in the way we travel and hope for brighter days ahead with a robust return to travel, we know that it is just a matter of time and that maybe, the worst is behind us. Travel is in our blood, and people are ready to explore once again.

No one knows quite like CP Travel Agents why this job is one of the best in the world, and we asked them, to tell us what the greatest gift being a travel agent has given them. We hope when you read their heartfelt words, you recognize in yourself also why you do it, or are considering doing it.

What is the greatest gift being a travel agent has given you?

β€œJoy = it is a joy to serve our clients as we help them plan their dream vacation.”

Isaiah & Deborah B.

β€œI have always been a travel enthusiast, however now being a travel advisor, I realize how much I missed when planning things on my own. I now have even better vacations than I used to and that is best gift I gave to myself. β€œ

Julie S., 52

β€œI can create my own destiny. I can sell what I love, and I don't have to be on the road, not required to do 52 cruise nights a year, nor 25 sales calls a week. Former BDM for HAL.”

Robin B., 67

β€œI'm a memory maker, and I feel incredibly good about that.”

Casey C., 71

β€œHelping clients celebrate those special occasions and special moments!”

Kathe K., 70

β€œBeing able to spend time with my kids when they were little & allowing me to travel.”

Patricia L., 50

β€œBroadened my network with a bunch of new friends that I would have never met.”

Jim D., 66

β€œCreating relationships with people and sharing happiness to build the perfect vacation.”

Cheryl C., 56

β€œMaking others travel dreams come true and further igniting my passion for travel.”

Melissa S., 48

β€œThe opportunity to learn and experience new places and sights around the world.”

Susan C., 68

β€œThe ability to have a product I truly believe in has been the greatest gift.”

Suzanne D.

β€œFlexibility to travel and get paid!”

Nona Mallicoat, 50

β€œThe greatest gift has been the flexibility to go to my kids’ school and sports functions without begging someone for time off.”

Kimberly B., 50

β€œService to others. I give the gift of time so they can spend that time with their loved ones. I also give the gift of expertise!”

Clarissa O.W., 44

β€œThe freedom of knowing that I am doing something I am passionate about, and no longer just a cog in a huge corporate wheel. Even though I started my business just a few months before the pandemic hit, I am still much happier selling travel than I ever was before. I no longer dread getting up and going to work every day.”

Carla W., 59

β€œTwo things: being able to help people with their vacations, and the FAM trips.”

Susan B., 50

β€œBeing the solution when people aren't sure where, how, and when to travel.”

Ryan K., 49

β€œLifelong friendships.”

Charlene D., 56

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