🗺️ CP Travel Ambassador Kristin Small uncovers the rich history of Europe along the Danube

Posted on: Jun 3, 2022 2:51:14 PM

As Cruise Planners gears up for their second Elite Summit for 2022 in the Bahamas, here's a look at the AmaMagna Elite trip along the Danube through the lens of CP Travel Ambassador Kristin Small. The trip included stops in Vienna, Vilshofen, Passau and Budapest among others.

What was your favorite memory?

Meandering cobblestone streets and hearing whispers of the past around every corner while savoring the scents wafting from local eateries. *Take a moment to linger in an outdoor cafe or step into a bakery for a local pastry.

Top excursions and landmarks/sites to visit:

Budapest is always a winner. This city is itself on a journey, moving from its previous oppressive ruling regimes into a modern renaissance. And yet, Budapest doesn't try and hide its history - rather, the city looks at its past in an attempt to improve its future. *Visit the "Shoes on the Danube" and "Memento Park".

How would you describe the people and culture of this destination?

The cities along the Danube are strung like so many jewels, each offering its own brilliant creativity. Whether painting/sculpting, music, literary, or culinary - this is a region to immerse oneself in the arts. *Take time to visit a local art museum or attend a concert. 


What is something people would be surprised to learn about this destination?

The cities along the Danube are influenced by a myriad of cultures such as the Celts, the Romans, and the Huns, and the food and music reflect the area's history. * Enjoy some local Pálinka while in the area.

Top tips and recommendations:

Slow down. Take a moment to savor the cities and make notes as to what you would like to experience upon your return.

What makes this destination a must-see in your opinion?

Centuries old architecture, as well as "new" period construction, is probably the first thing one notices when visiting cities along the Danube River. *Take a tour and learn the history of the neighborhoods and the people who once lived there.

Additional thoughts and insights? 

My mother's goulash is better than your mother's goulash. Do a taste test and try a bowl (or plate) of goulash in each destination you visit along the Danube. Depending on where you are, the richly flavored dish can range from a brothy soup to a thick stew, to long-simmered meat served in gravy. *Don't think goulash is exclusively a beef dish as there are other traditional recipes that use meats such as mutton or tripe. 


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