Posted on: April 23, 2015 at 1:35 PM


It’s that time of year to decide what you want to do with that tax return you are getting from Uncle Sam.  Or, are you already anticipating your goals for next year’s tax season?  Goals are made, charge cards are paid off, mortgages are made with a hefty deposit…but here is an option you have probably not considered in regards to investing that money so it can be both productive and tax effective as it grows into a sound investment.

Many people would think “investing” means stock market, mutual funds, annuities or bonds etc., However, investing in a home-based small business like Cruise Planners is not only a continuous revenue producing investment, it is also tax rewarding in providing many deductions -  such as a home office, business expenses, travel, and all those nice deductions that add to a nice refund each year.

The way to look at investing your refund in Cruise Planners is tri-fold in rewards.After you use your refund to invest in CP, You attend Cruise Planners University for your training which is product specific for your business. What other franchise can you invest in that would provide you the expertise and education for success as you start your small business. At CP the follow-up for your new business, is critical to providing you the tools necessary to assure your business is a success. You are taught marketing, business planning, financial strategies, networking and meeting planning, conventions…the entire range of necessary steps to make a lucrative return on your investment.

Software programs help you figure out the best solutions for your taxes. The internet provides these tax deductible tools that makes owning your own home-based business simplified when doing your personal or business taxes. There are several software programs that takes the worry out of all the figures in your business so no need to worry about how accomplished you are in math.

They show you how to:

  • Estimate your quarterly taxes
  • Connects all your accounts so you can see income vs. spending
  • It tracks all our expenses
  • Provides the reports you need for your accountant
  • Maximizes deductions like home office and mileage
  • Security is as high as bank-grade encryption

 What are some of the other tax benefits in owning a small business? 

  • According to a legal authority on small businesses, you can shelter your earnings
  • You can set aside a substantial sum for retirement and get a big tax deduction now.
  • Writing off business travel
  • Deducting those educational expenses
  • When you attend those meeting conventions or seminars…yep, travel is deductible

So, for $10,495 dollars you can own a CP franchise (including an appreciative discount for the military) using your tax refund this year, or set your goals for investment and earnings for next year’s refund.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as a Cruise Planner Franchise Owner.

  • You are your own boss
  • You own your own home-based business
  • Low–cost investment with a proven high ratio for revenue success
  • Excellent tax deductions
  • Educational benefits and Experts to support your interests

Now, what did you say you were going to do with that Income Tax Refund?

Still have Questions?  Call Dan Hicks – Vice President, Franchise Development @ 888-582-2150.

Yep!  That business related call will be tax deductible!




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