🧊Travel to the Arctic with Dr. Gari Senderoff on Quark Expeditions' Ultramarine

Posted on: Dec 29, 2022 5:24:01 PM


Not everyone gets a chance to travel to the North Pole, but CP Travel Ambassador Dr. Gari Senderoff traveled with Quark Expeditions to the Arctic for a trip of a lifetime. 

What specific cities and /or countries did you visit? Svalbard, Spitzbergen, Norway

What was your favorite memory from this trip? The remoteness and nonstop 24 hour a day scenery as this was 24 hour sunlight. The snow-covered mountains and seeing a polar bear in its natural environment live.

Were there any standout restaurants or foodie must-haves on this trip? Quark has excellent cuisine on the ship.


How would you describe the people and culture of this destination? Any interesting cultural lessons? It was desolate and although there were some cultural remains of old granite and marble-finding expeditions from over a century age, there are no permanent inhabitants in this region.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about this destination? It is not as cold as people may think. I mean, sure it is chilly, but I was able to go out onto the balcony in less than warm clothing and be comfortable for several minutes. Unfortunately, global warming seems to be the culprit.

Top 5 Tips and recommendations for this trip:

Bring binoculars, bring cash (to tip expedition people), stay in Oslo or Helsinki a few days before or after.

Did you travel via cruise ship? If so, please describe the experience and some of the standout features that you ere excited about. It was a Quark expedition ship.


What makes this destination a must-see in your opinion? The pristine wilderness and the adventure of not knowing what is next or what to expect.

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