How to Know If Joining a Travel Franchise Is Right for You

Posted on: Apr 30, 2018 11:29:04 AM

You sell travel and make people’s vacation dreams a reality! You are also a business professional and you maintain a website, market your brand, attract clients, maintain relationships, balance your books and more, but are you successfully doing all of it?

As we all know, salespeople carry floppy discs, work from 9 to 5, and do 100% of their work on a desktop computer. Wait, it's not 1994? Mobile is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. Working on your own schedule is convenient and having the tools to work on the-the-go is a key to success.  Modern sales reps share data, get approvals, and push deals forward on their smartphones. Think about the way you manage your travel franchise and see if you fall victim to these classic signs that you need a better way to sell travel.

Six Reasons Host Travel Agents Should Join Cruise Planners Franchise!

  • You are competing with your host agency: Many host companies are your competition because they also sell travel. Consider working for yourself and actually keeping a majority of the profits, through Cruise Planners®. If you aren’t earning your full commission and owning your travel clients, you are missing out.
  • You are trying to create your own brand: Preparing your own marketing tools and flyers can be time consuming and a heavy expense, especially if you’re in business for yourself. Not to mention, website maintenance and promotion so your peers can know you actually sell travel. The best thing about working with Cruise Planners® is that your brand is taken care of. We have an established brand and American Express Travel representative, backs us which sets our brand at a prestigious level. Your name will be associated with the American Express logo, you get an established travel brand credibility without having to build one from the ground up.
  • Your online presence hasn’t been refreshed in years: Since managing your own brand can be time-consuming, it’d be better to just outsource your web management which can be time consuming. With Cruise Planners® think of your travel agency franchise as self-sustained, your only job is to build relationships. You have an in-house content team who builds pages and stories for your brand, a Home Office Team dedicated to your growth as an entrepreneur, pre-built and customizable social media posts and a website with a booking engine, connect with other agents and resources and a website that is 90% completed for you to book travel sales! The only thing that is missing is you!
  • You aren’t able to run reports to track your sales and manage your pipeline: There's customer info on sticky notes, in Excel spreadsheets, and you had a list of potential client names from a trade show, but you are overwhelmed with how to service them. We call that analysis paralysis. If you are questioning if your selling process is effective, but you don't have the tools to find answers, it's time for a change. The technology suite that Cruise Planners® provides, is built to serve you. Now you can track important data, receive recommendations for each individual client based on profiles and more. You can keep track of all of this one place.
  • You can travel without fear of losing a sale: The beauty of joining Cruise Planners, is you can take your work with you! Go on vacation, answer a quick email or phone call in the morning and watch the sunset on the beach. With the right tools and mobile-friendly technology you can run your business from anywhere in the world with internet connection.
  • You are leaving commission on the table: When you are with a travel franchise company such as Cruise Planners®, you can earn the highest commission in the industry, we help to make sure you get paid, we have automatic e-connect so sales are automatically entered.

If you're stuck with the status quo, consider upping your travel business game by joining Cruise Planners® – we have the training, technology solutions and mobile innovations to help you start a travel agency and grow it.


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