🌸 How to Become a Successful Luxury Travel Advisor: Part 2

Posted on: Jun 27, 2023 5:19:09 PM

Now that you’ve gotten a handle on how to get your foot in the door as a luxury travel advisor, these are the next steps. 


Leveraging Technology and Tools 

  • Utilizing travel management software and CRM systems 
  • Harnessing social media platforms for marketing and networking 
  • Staying updated with travel industry apps and tools

Utilizing travel management software and CRM systems is a crucial step in becoming a travel advisor. These technological tools offer a streamlined approach to managing and organizing travel arrangements and client information. Cruise Planners has CP Maxx, which has a built in CRM to manage clients. It enables advisors to maintain a comprehensive database of client preferences, travel history, and contact information. One of the mobile apps that can significantly enhance the travel experience for both advisors and clients is CP Maxx Mobile. This app is a powerful, on-the-go tool that includes features such as travel agendas organizers and local attraction guides. It is a must-have for anyone in the travel industry.

Marketing and Promoting Your Luxury Travel Advisor Business 

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy 
  • Utilize online and offline marketing channels 
  • Showcase testimonials and client success stories 
  • Collaborate with influencers and luxury travel bloggers 

Harnessing social media platforms for marketing and networking is another key aspect of becoming a successful travel advisor. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer an extensive reach and allow advisors to showcase their expertise, share travel tips, and promote their services to a wide audience. 

For those who are not tech savvy or have time to post, Cruise Planners offers an award-winning program, CPsocial, that posts on agents behalf several times a week. It helps keep advisors active and top of mind for clients with professional, curated posts. Social media provides a valuable networking opportunity, allowing advisors to connect with other professionals, collaborate on projects, and gain insights into the latest travel trends and destinations.


Build Relationships with Supplier Partners

  • Identify and collaborate with preferred suppliers 
  • Negotiate partnerships and exclusive offers for clients
  • Build strong rapport and communication channels

Building strong rapport and communication channels with luxury travel suppliers is essential for successful collaboration. Because Cruise Planners has over 2500+ advisors in their network, supplier partners work hand in hand with our advisors to help facilitate every aspect of making the sale to their respective clients. By having this strong relationship, it allows our advisors to have open lines of communication, and encourages them to have regular meetings or calls to discuss client feedback, preferences, and upcoming travel plans. Building strong communication channels also allows advisors to address any concerns or issues promptly, expediting leading to effective problem-solving and maintaining a positive working relationship with luxury travel suppliers.


Exceptional Customer Service 

  • Understand and anticipate client preferences and needs 
  • Offer personalized travel experiences and customized itineraries 
  • Manage client expectations and delivering on promises 
  • Handle unforeseen circumstances and provide solutions

Providing exceptional customer service is paramount for travel advisors in delivering an outstanding travel experience. By actively listening and gathering information about their clients' interests, preferences, and travel goals, advisors can curate tailored experiences that align with their clients' expectations. This proactive approach allows advisors to anticipate their clients' needs and go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. 

Michael Consoli, Cruise Planners’ #1 agent, credits his success to exceptional customer service and being available to his clients for all their needs. He even conducts an invite-only trip several times a year to get to know his clients better so he can get a better handle on their travel needs. Managing client expectations and delivering on promises is essential for maintaining trust and satisfaction. Clear and transparent communication regarding what clients can expect during their trip, including details about hotels, transportation, and activities, ensures that there are no surprises along the way.

Creating a business centered around luxury clients takes time but once you are able to move your business to servicing this clientele, the rewards could be great. 

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