🖥️ Cruise Planners Releases New Ebook Titled “How Travel Technology Is Transforming the Role of Travel Advisors: What Every Travel Advisor Needs To Know Now”

Posted on: August 8, 2023 at 2:56 PM

 CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Aug.08, 2022— In an era where technology is king, Cruise Planners makes it a point to create and develop technology fit for royalty (travel advisor royalty that is) and answers the needs of advisors as they navigate an unprecedented booking season with finesse. The company recently partnered with Travel Market Report to produce a free, in-depth eBook titled: “How Travel Technology is Transforming the Role of Travel Advisors: What Every Travel Advisor Needs to Know Now.


The study takes a comprehensive look at new, emerging technology available in the marketplace today and how it is being used to help advisors further their sales. The eBook features a myriad of topics along with interviews with Cruise Planners franchise owners and their Chief Information Officer, Brian Shultz, to help explain the practical applications of the tools available.  

“One of our core pillars of success is ‘Technology’ and it is something that we focus on and invest in heavily, because we always want to provide cutting-edge programs and tools to our network of advisors so they can focus on selling and growing their business.” said Michelle Fee, CEO and co-founder of Cruise Planners. “Our advisors have every tool available to them to be at the top of their game and we are constantly innovating to ensure our advisors are able to work efficiently and flawlessly.”

Highlights include:

• The greatest challenges for advisors and how technology helps overcome it

• How Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is finding its place in the travel sphere and how it can be useful

• An in-depth look at the proprietary tools Cruise Planners developed such as LivePlanner, CP Maxx Mobile and other tools

• How to Compete with Online Travel Agencies

• How Technology is changing the role of Travel Advisors (and how ChatGPT comes into play)

“We take great pride in not only attending to the immediate needs of our advisors, but also in understanding the changing landscape and being forward-thinking to provide tools that are on the cutting edge of technology that they didn’t even know they needed,” said Brian Shultz, chief information officer at Cruise Planners. “Much of what we create is meant to enhance the offerings and customer experience for the client where the advisors will always play a pivotal role in the memory-making process for them.”

First adopters of technology are able to stay ahead of the competition. Cruise Planners also recently hosted “Tech Days” in early June at their Home Office in Coral Springs and will host a series of webinars on technology with partners later this year.

The eBook is available for free to download here






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