From Novice to Travel Guru: How Cruise Planners Franchise Training Sets You Up for Success

Posted on: April 29, 2024 at 5:15 PM

If you’re excited about becoming part of the travel industry but are worried you can’t because you don’t have experience in it, don’t fret! A Cruise Planners turnkey business opportunity comes with our expert training and support, which means just about anyone who is motivated and hardworking can make the most of our investment. Keep reading to discover how we use our decades of industry expertise to bring our franchisees up to speed and ready to make the most of our exciting industry as independent travel agents.

Before You Start Your Franchise Business

We know how important it is to start out on solid footing, so we don’t leave that to chance. As a new Cruise Planners franchisee, you can count on our expert guidance to leave you fully prepared to leverage our proven business model to make the most of the robust travel industry. Our turnkey business opportunity includes over 50 hours of classroom training at our Star University, which will prepare you to run your franchise confidently. During this training period, we’ll go over important topics like:

  •     How to manage day-to-day operations
  •     How to generate leads and sales
  •     How to curate travel tours
  •     How to leverage our proprietary technology
  •     How to make the most of our industry relationships
  •     How to market your franchise effectively
  •     And so much more!

You’ll also have access to our proprietary operating manuals and other important materials, which will keep you current with new developments, advances, and trends so you can always provide your clients with the very best in services.

Expert Marketing and Much More!

What good is being in business for yourself if no one knows? It’s critical to get the word out about your new travel franchise, and we’ll help you do that on a regular basis. Our in-house marketing efforts on your behalf include…

  •     Customized direct mail pieces, designed, printed, and mailed for you
  •     Weekly email blasts to clients featuring deals and specials
  •     An informative bi-weekly luxury-focused e-newsletter
  •     A print-on-demand marketing and communications tool
  •     Segmentation data on your clients to assist in more targeted marketing efforts
  •     A social media management program to help you build your online footprint

As a Cruise Planners independent travel agent, you’ll also have access to our proprietary technology that makes managing the day-to-day operations of your franchise simple and straightforward. Put simply, our technology is a game-changer and features systems and resources to help you be there for clients and help your clients access important information. You’ll also benefit from a live inventory online booking system, a fully functional mobile app that allows you to manage your business from anywhere, and a personalized website, among many other important resources. Technology like ours will help you stay ahead of the curve and offer a level of boutique service the competition can’t match!

People Love Travel More Than Ever!

The travel industry has always been exciting, but now even more so. People are discovering or rediscovering the joys of exploration, and your Cruise Planners franchise will be there for them as you curate boutique travel experiences that will leave lasting memories. Right now, the worldwide travel industry is…

  •     Estimated to reach $927B+ by the end of 2024
  •     Projected to grow annually at a rate of 3.47%
  •     Expected to have a market volume of $1.06T by 2028

Furthermore, online sales are expected to account for 76% of total revenue, and the 

US is expected to generate the most, for $199B in 2024. These figures underscore how truly perfect the time is to become part of the Cruise Planners brand family by taking advantage of our turnkey franchise opportunity! We are the number-one travel franchise in the country and have been recognized by numerous industry publications and organizations. Our name is synonymous with excellence, and when you partner with us to open your franchise, you’ll immediately benefit from our reputation. That means you’ll spend less time establishing yourself, leaving you more time for what matters — customer service and growth!

Get in touch today to learn more about our industry and how to become part of it as a Cruise Planners franchisee!

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