Our Low-Cost Franchise Is Recognized by Franchise Business Review

Posted on: July 3, 2024 at 8:00 AM

At Cruise Planners, we know our low-cost franchise opportunity is one of the very best in the travel industry. We've worked hard over the years to refine a business model that allows our franchisees to stand out in a competitive field while enjoying all the perks of operating a home-based business. Still, it's always nice to receive outside recognition because it reminds the world of just how smart an investment our low-cost franchise opportunities truly are.

That said, we're extremely proud to announce that Cruise Planners has been recognized by Franchise Business Review as a Top 200 Franchise brand for 2024. This publication is an industry-leading one that helps investors learn more about premier franchise opportunities and highlights brands that offer exceptional investments.

Based on Important Feedback

So, what criteria did Franchise Business Review use to select the top 200 brands? Well, the editors surveyed over 35,000 franchise owners across 375 franchise companies and, based on their feedback, compiled a list of the best franchises to buy.  To make the list, brands had to excel in these key areas:


  •     Core values 
  •     Training and support
  •     Executive leadership
  •     Financial opportunity
  •     Franchisee community
  •     Overall satisfaction


The brands ranked highest in these key indicators enjoyed a coveted spot on the Top 200 list. 

We Love Our Franchisees — and They Love Us!

We appreciate the recognition of industry leaders, but it’s especially gratifying when a brand is singled out as an excellent opportunity by the franchisees themselves… 


  •     97% of our franchisees agree that they enjoy operating their business
  •     99% of franchisees are likely to recommend Cruise Planners to others
  •     97% of franchisees believe Cruise Planners acts with a high level of honesty and integrity


Cruise Planners would not be the number one travel franchise in the industry without our franchisees' hard work and support, and we know it!

Our Technology Makes the Difference

As you can see, there’s a lot our franchisees love about a Cruise Planners low-cost franchise — our expert marketing on their behalf, the highest commissions, and much more. But it’s our technology — the best in the industry — that truly sets us apart. It features systems and resources to help you be there for your clients and for your clients to access important information. As a Cruise Planners host travel agency owner, you’ll have access to its standout features, which include:


  •     The ability to analyze extensive travel data to deliver tailored recommendations that align with each client’s preferences


  •     Robust content generation that allows for the creation of engaging narratives and materials like marketing content, newsletters, and blog posts


  •     Predictive analysis that anticipates emerging travel trends, enabling advisors to offer proactive suggestions and stay ahead of market demands

You’ll also have access to an agile mobile app that lets you manage your business from anywhere, a unique and personalized website separate from our corporate site, group registration tools to maximize your sales revenue, and a whole lot more. Technology like ours will help you stay ahead of the curve and offer a level of boutique service the competition simply can’t match!

No Experience Is No Problem with Our Franchise Opportunity

Advanced technology isn’t the only perk of a Cruise Planners franchise; signing your agreement with us also gets you over 50 hours of classroom certification training at our STAR University, which will bring you up to speed on running your franchise and making the most of our proven business model. During this training period, we’ll go over important topics like:


  •     What our industry looks like
  •     How to manage day-to-day operations
  •     How to generate leads and sales
  •     How to curate travel tours
  •     How to leverage our proprietary technology
  •     How to make the most of our industry relationships
  •     Keys to marketing your franchise
  •     And much, much more!


You’ll also have access to our proprietary operating manuals and other operating and training materials that will keep you current with new developments, advances, and trends, so you’ll always be able to provide your clients with the very best in services. In short, with us by your side, you’ll be in business for yourself, never by yourself!

To find out more about Cruise Planners’ low-cost franchise opportunities, reach out to our team of friendly travel franchise experts today!

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