Posted on: Sep 29, 2014 9:53:00 AM

Focus on other aspects of your travel business

Seasonal businesses such as the cruise industry are often thought to be the best careers because you only have to work hard during the peak seasons. This is truly a myth and can be substantiated by the fact that any business, seasonal or otherwise, has potential to grow, make money, reinvent and renew the business all year round.

If you are running your travel franchise properly, you are financially prepared for down time in the off-season of cruising. You have disciplined yourself to budget your expenses for year round costs and therefore, can focus on other aspects of your travel business.

For instance, this would be a good time to poll your customers and ask them how they felt the past season went for their vacation. What would they like to see different or improved when the “next” seasons trip comes around? (This also lets you know the “potential” for repeat business).

As much as you are financially disciplined during the peak season, you must make sure you are prepared during the off-season of your travel business. For example, make a plan of the activities you are going to do a month in advance and stick to them. Are you going to do a big pre-season promo? Are you going to go out and do presentations for potential clients? Are you going to have team meetings or retreats with your employees so brainstorming and enthusiasm does not have its own off season?

Are you going to plan your marketing strategy for the next peak season? Are you going to add new media, refresh websites and reorganize your data base, tossing out the deadbeat business and create new ideas for the repeaters?

Have you designed your social media plans for the off-season? Are you going to implement strategies that will utilize the opportunity to either take cruises or consider purchasing their own travel franchise business? When the season changes, that is the time that YOUR seasonal plans change too and you gear your travel business up for expansion and growth. Renew! Repeat!  Rebuild!

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