🚀 Cruise Planners Advisor Mike Moyer attends the Space Perspective Explorer Social

Posted on: September 6, 2023 at 2:18 PM


Cruise Planners Travel Advisor Mike Moyer was one of the in the network to book a client on the futuristic Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune in 2025 and was invited to attend the Space Perspective Explorer Social to learn more about the company. Here he shares the highlights of the event!

What was the event you attended?  Space Perspective Explorer Social. I was invited to attend to learn more about the company and experience since I was one of the first Cruise Planners advisors to reserve a seat on the capsule for a client.

Can you walk us through some of the highlights? The highlights were personally meeting the founder (Jayne Pointer) and co-founder (Taber McMullan) when they shared their story about the start of this vision and where it is headed. Being able to see first hand the assembly of the capsule, visiting mission control, and seeing the balloon manufacturing facility was phenomenal. Then, we finished the day with a reception and dinner under the Atlantis shuttle at Kennedy Space Center. What a stellar experience. 

What did you learn that made you appreciate what Space Perspective has to offer?  This will be a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity for adventurers seeking the ultimate experience. 

You are the first to book a reservation at Cruise Planners—what was that like and what is it about this experience makes you think it’ll be one of a kind? The marketing department was instrumental in sending out information to those clients that fit this profile and one of my clients jumped on the idea. I think that seeing and hearing more about this company has given me more knowledge and understanding to be able to sell this product. It's not for everyone but it is right for someone who wants a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

After speaking to the founder, what was your takeaway and did it change your perspective of what this experience can offer? The enthusiasm from all the staff at Space Perspective was impeccable. Everyone was very knowledgeable and hyped about all that is happening with this company. The seem to be a very close knit family. To be able to be part of this event was truly a privilege. 

Any cool features or tidbits you learned? The founder and co-founder were also two of the people that went into Biosphere II in Arizona. I had the good fortune of visiting that Biosphere years ago. They spent 2 years inside the Biosphere wanting to see if life was sustainable while in there. The founder was very impressed when I mentioned that I had been to Biosphere!! Being part of this historical gathering was an unforgettable experience for Alina and myself!! Truly AMAZING!!

To learn more about how you can be one of the agents to book a trip to space for your clients, contact our Franchise Development Manager today! 

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