How do I find my clients?

We get this question more than any other. Building your database is a very important part of your Cruise Planners® business. At STAR University training, you’ll learn about the need for community involvement, our free direct mail program, free weekly email campaigns, and an entire day learning how to market and advertise your business. With the “Full Sails” direct mail program, you’ll receive 250 names, but your best source is to start with friends, family and business contacts and ask them for their business and referrals.

As a Cruise Planners® Travel Agent, you will be able to provide customers personal service by planning their perfect vacation, so it starts with you and your contacts. Cruise Planners has many programs that help you with what is known as acquisition marketing. Between your free franchisee website as well as direct mail, social media, email newsletters and campaigns, print on demand postcards and more, no one provides more resources to help you find customers than Cruise Planners!


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