Posted on: Feb 23, 2014 11:52:38 PM

With gasoline prices still soaring, you may be looking for different, less-expensive ways to vacation with your family this summer. In today’s market, taking a cruise is not as expensive as you may have originally thought. By the time you pay for gas, hotels, food, entertainment, and fight traffic - for a family, you may find it more economical to go on a cruise, which offers all the above in one place, minus the traffic.

• There are many reasons for choosing to take a cruise…
• There are many ships and destinations from which to choose. You can select either large or small ships. You can choose a ship that caters to your specific likes and dreams, and choose the people, age groups, single or married people, or any specific groups you may want to vacation with. Included with the price of your ticket, you spend your nights sleeping in comfort in staterooms that comes with housekeeping that is just as efficient as any luxury hotel.

Sports and activity? Take your pick. Basketball – swimming, ice-skating, rock climbing, you name it, the ship has it.

As far as the song that sings about the “Moon over Miami?”; wait until you see the moon from a cruise ship on the Caribbean; moonlit waters that can accompany an evening of dinner, dancing, lounges, entertainment and a romantic stroll on deck. What about the little ones…they are fine, having a great time with a girl from the babysitter service offered by the ship - to give Mom & Dad some, “alone” time.

Now your vacation is not just about floating on beautiful waters, or having fun with all the activities on board, it is about site-seeing too. From Europe to exotic ports, you have your choice of visiting places of educational or historical value. Explore the traditions of islanders or cultures of various places and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Now those are the “fun” reasons to take a cruise. You might wonder what other reasons, there could be?

You could be taking it to learn about the travel industry opportunities. From employment on a ship, to a travel agent, to franchise owner, there are possibilities that you may have not even considered.

• Perhaps your retiring and looking for an opportunity to try something new
• Maybe you are looking for an inexpensive investment that requires very little upfront money.
• Maybe you are tired of the corporate rat race and want to own your own business and be your own boss.
• Perhaps you would like the flexibility offered when you work from home.

I bet you never thought you could have work and fun combine, and make money at the same time. It’s not only possible it is the hottest trend going today. Travel, Franchising, Having Fun, Cruising, Visiting exotic places, meeting exciting people…how many can say they have a “job” like that! Go to for a lot more incentives to motivate you to set sail…a new way!