Free University Courses at CPU

Posted on: Jan 7, 2013 8:52:54 AM


You have your business plan already outlined. You just signed all the papers to start a travel agency. You are so excited to be starting your own travel agency franchise, still not believing what you are getting for under a $10,000 dollar franchise business investment. You are relieved that your solidified travel agency investment did not include "give me the cash" and leave you to make it a success all on your own as some startups do. Now, you are excited because school starts tomorrow…Cruise Planners/American Express, Travel Agent University Program. This dynamic program is your next step to success in the travel agency business.

The Cruise Planners University travels far beyond the original 2008-startup topics that included marketing, advertising, public relations, product updates, technology, group and individual sales, customer care, and web marketing. You have an undergraduate degree with those courses. Last year, CPU included the MBA and PhD level of courses that teaches how to charter a ship, how to provide mobile marketing, how to maximize group revenue, and today, the most important tool of social media marketing, and you even learn about exotic destinations, which can only add to your offerings to your clients.

We are not stopping there…Cruise Planners University for travel agents, launched eRez 2.0 web-based booking system on the CP Central Intranet website, so you can research, book, manage, and market better. In addition, the travel agent tools are there for members to track client's birthdays or anniversary information, along with calendar functions, and the ability to research groups for booking cruises.

All of these benefits are to help you be successful in owning your own travel agency franchise. Cruise Planners/American Express assists you with your business from the very beginning so your investment proves successful.

When you see awards posted all over the internet in the travel industry websites, you will see Cruise Planners/American Express taking the #1 spot, repeatedly. Ask yourself, how many travel franchises carry the infamous BRAND such as American Express? We have not even discussed the benefits for traveling, owning your own travel agency business, meeting people in the industry, and attending conventions.