Posted on: May 6, 2013 9:10:17 PM

Everyone wants to be successful. However, not everyone is willing to put in the hard work and smart work to accomplish this.
Successful people are focused, determined and always are looking for more methods to achieve more. Let’s take a look at some practices that will assist you in reaching your goals to success.

Houses, fancy cars are normally the by-product of success. But as you are establishing your path to success, they happen to be irrelevant. Start your business first, and focus on making THAT a success, and the rest will come. Until your business is off the ground, limit your spending. For instance, as a Cruise Planner/ American Express franchise owner, the very first money you save after your initial investment, is the cost of maintaining an office. Working from home, you get to put that money into your business and start to build that path to success.

Increase Your Knowledge. Cruise Planners University provides all the tools for you to learn your trade in the “cruise business”. The training is both the kinship and marriage of education and life experience. If you are in business, you want to be an active learner. You don’t stop at CP University…you continue your education as you travel the world and cruise to the beat of high waves and luscious landscapes and retreats.

Spend time with people. If you are open and ready to network with those who have already climbed the latter, you will learn invaluable methods and tips from them. Absorb information from the best and don’t be shy about asking questions about something you don’t know…be an inquiring mind.

Learn to use your emotions to “invite” the things you want and need out of your new business. On your journey toward success, you will need to cultivate those emotions to solicit positive feedback and grow business relationships.

Find balance in life. Have fun, work hard, play hard, pray hard and love life hard. Success is all about having balance in your life which is also a direct reflection derived from having balance in your work-life. As we all know, working hard pays off, not only in money, but in self-fulfillment and personal growth.

This is where you start. Your homework is to look into the Cruise Planners/American Express package that allows you the opportunity for all the above, but also the cement needed for the road to success and the waters of fun and leisure.